Best Audio Engineering Books and Self Development Books

Best Audio Engineering Books

Here is the summary of best ( in my opinion) books on audio engineering. Many of them changed the way I approached audio and from which I learn a lot. From recording to mixing and mastering. Everything is here. You can follow the link and get the books on the amazon.

Best Self Development Book

All of us engineers, musicians, technicians are self employed business people. In this era being motivated is a key to achieve your goals. Here’s the list of self development books that helped me and I hope will also help you to get what you want and reach your goals.  You can follow the link and get the books on the amazon.

bobby owsinski recording handbook

This is a top go to book for recording and it has been for many years now. Author Booby Owsinski, well known audio engineer, describes many recording techniques, mic placements, stereo, multichannel and surround tracking. Almost 400 pages filled with in depth knowledge. This book is a must if you are recording engineer or an artist.

Gary Vaynerchuk Crush It

This is a book focusing on power of internet and social media. Author, Gary Vaynerchuk, gives plenty ideas on how to cut through in todays world ruled by www. Great read, brilliant advices and extensive descriptions on how to use internet and social media in your favour.

mastering audio bob katz

Bob’s mastering book is consider “audio mastering bible” for all audio mastering engineers. Updated throught the years, Bob’s book will give you all the detailed insight into audio mastering discipline, how to approach audio mastering, what audio mastering actually is and most importantly how to master music.

7 habits of highly effective people

We all know to achieve anything in our lives we have to work hard but not only hard work guarantee you with the success. Stephen R. Covey talks about the power of habits and how by having certain habits in our every day tasks we can ( and will ) achieve our goals. This is world best seller for many many years. A must read.

the business of audio engineering

Dave is a well  known and respected technician and engineer. In his book he talks about the business of audio engineering, how to get yourself ready for future employers, how to find your own way of earning money and many very helpfull business advices for every audio engineer. Well recommended.

eat that frog brian tracy

How many times you suppose to do something, something important and few days later this thing still isn’t done? Brain Tracy share tips on how to fight against procrastination and get things done. Strategys on how to stay focused and get the important things done. Today.

the pensados papers

Book from the creators of You Tube TV series about sound engineering – Pensado’s Place. Dave and Herb  talking about their history, how they started with You tube, what kind of problems they had along the way. They also sharing a bunch of usefull tips for anyone wanting to start thei own You Tube channel and make it in the audio engineering industry.

think and grow rich napoleon hill

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

This all time classic by Napolen Hill published in 1937 is as powerful today and can change your life forever. How to think big, how to be smart with your time and money, how to be at your best all the time. Want to achieve your dreams? Read this book.

mixing audio

This is one of the most in depth book about mixing available on the market. Loads of informations on the process of mixing, tool involved like -compressors, eq’s, gates, limiters etc. Roey has great knowledge on how to apply those processes to the mix and get the great results. A must have for every mix engineer.

music 4.1 a survival guide to making music in the internet age

We are living in completely new era for music industry. Internet changed everything from how we record music, how we collaborate to how we actually earn money making music. This book by industry specialist Bobby Owsinski wll take you through many interesting topics like management, distribution, publishing, monetizing and many many more.

guy kawasaki enchantment

This book explains all the tactics you need to anchant. Enchant your fans, your clinets, enchant other musicians. Kawasaki’s lessons are drawn from his tenure at Apple, as well as his decades of experience as an entrepreneur. Few people in the world are more qualified to teach you how to enchant.

bobby owsinski mixing engineering handbook a

This is probably the most important handbook for mixing ( and recording) engineers. Bobby gives us a lot of insights into the tricks and techniques of mixing audio. Many different aproaches, many advices. The book has 4th edition just now and getting updated every year. A must buy for every mix engineer.

jab jab jab right hook gary veynerchuk

Another great book from Gary explaining how to market to specific social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc all those platforms require different aproach and different designs to suceed and get the publicity you desire. Great book.

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