What clients say

Juan Cristobal Jimenez Rojo (EDM, electronics)

“In these days that many offer super automated Mastering, Tom comes to rescue with soul, humanity, feeling and, of course, great technical knowledge too.
For me it’s very important to keep tight dialogue with my mastering engineer. It’s always a pleasure dealing with him and I look forward to keep working with him for years to come.”

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Kevlar (Noise, Power Electronics)

“From the very beginning of our collaboration Tom was very responsive and allocated lots of his time to find out about our gear and the final result we wanted to achieve. He visited us in our studio and gave us his professional advice regarding the software settings and the mixdown. He was interested in our musical influences which was crucial to achieve a desirable quality of a final product. Tom not only provided us with professionally mastered tracks but also shared his knowledge about the correct settings, sound recording and various other technical aspects. The final result exceeded our expectations and it only took him few days to master our stuff. What is more, Tom is totally passionate and very knowledgeable about music, sound recording and mastering. Look no further. This is the right guy! “

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Jackal Trades (Rock, Hip Hop )

“Tom did an incredible job mastering the Jackal Trades album. Professional service with excellent communication throughout the project. We had a very tight deadline and he moved mountains to make sure we got it finished in time for the launch party and it sounded better than we ever could have hoped for”

matuesz salinski audio mastering edinburgh

Pattern Inc. Kolektiv (electronics )

“When it comes to understanding the sound, creating and filling the gap between inspiration and final effect, there’s no one that implicates more knowledge and cunning skills than Tom.  Quality and sound audio mastering in Edinburgh”

dead penny

Dead Penny (Indie Rock )

“My band “Bad Penny”  just released our debut EP “Loose Change” and it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Tom. When editing the tracks we were struggling to get the perfect levels for everything and it just felt incomplete, after getting the tracks back from Tom we could hear a massive difference. On top of giving us great sounding tracks we got really helpful advice and support as well as the tracks arriving on the day that was agreed. Tom is just brilliant, I recommend his work to any band needing mastering done.”

audio mastering edinburgh musiq man

Musiq Man (RnB )

“I’m so glad I met this man, very precise and helpful. He made sure my track sounded the way I wanted it, with his professional tips and approach. He even helped with some of the eq moves on my initial mix. Great service and he will be mastering my whole album.”

kamil kowalczyk audio mastering edinburgh

Kamil Kowalczyk (Ambient, Electronics )

“I had my latest project mastered by Tom, and he was able to deliver what I was looking for. Incredible audio mastering. Very friendly and helpful person. Also, offered free advice on sound etc. Very passionate and professional. Highly recommneded.”

curly toes audio mastering edinburgh

Curly Toes ( Punk Rock )

“Tom not only has a great knowledge and a set of good ears, but also a very professional approach to what he does. His masters are top quality and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who wants their music mastered to a top standard”

aereka audio mastering edinburgh

Aereka ( Hip Hop )

“Tom is a gienius in his profession and he have great price for his service. Highly recommended !!!”

recording electric guitar 2

Ketts Rebellion ( Rock )

“After working very hard at recording in our home studio (spare room),
it was increasingly clear that our final productions lacked a bottom end when played on other peoples systems.
Despite various changes/upgrades to my equipment, I was unable to improve on this. The performance of our mixes outside of the studio was very unpredictable. It then started to dawn on me that maybe I simply didn’t have the knowledge, experience or ‘set-up’ to do a proper job of the mix. I then discovered Tom.S.Ray Mastering in Edinburgh. Tom has been a pleasure to work with; good communication throughout and a sense that he understood what we wanted to achieve and took a real interest in our project. We are delighted with the final result, mastered by Tom. He’s has made a very significant contribution to the way our album sounds and feel and we would be very happy to recommend his services.
Kind regards”

wolfhart mc audio mastering edinburgh

Wolfhart ( Hip Hop )

“It was DJ Sokol (A local yet renowned Edinburgh based DJ) that recommended Tom  and his mastering services in Edinburgh to me.
After an initial (free of charge) consultation, Tom and I agreed on a reasonable rate and I handed over my debut project – ‘Elements of a man’.
Being the perfectionist that I am, I made a number of last minute mixing changes to the project while it was in Tom’s possession. While this might have driven many people crazy, Tom took it all in his stride (something I am very grateful for). Perhaps, as a perfectionist himself, Tom could relate to my reasoning for making such last minute changes.
Prior to taking the project on, Tom requested a detailed, written down description of each track – the sound I was going for, desired brightness etc. He did a good job in shaping each and every track to my specifications – he takes the time to listen, comprehend and produce the specific sound desired by a client. Whether antagonizing over the vocal/instrumental levels or running my vocals through an old school tape machine to enhance certain qualities for particular tracks, it’s clear that he put a lot of effort into the undertaking. Such effort really is evident in the complete project as it sounds a far cry better than the simple, mixed version.
The passion that he has for his craft is undeniable and I believe that it shows in his work.  Best mastering engineer in Edinburgh.

A job well done.”

DJSokol audio mastering edinburgh

DJ Sokol ( Hip Hop )

“Tom’s audio mastering and his musical background makes him very open minded and considerate mastering engineer. Full of understanding of given tasks along with relax way of communication made my experience of work with him even better no to mention that it taught me a lot. Thank U.”

mccloskey audio mastering edinburgh

Johnny McCloskey ( Folk, Rock )

“After years of home studio production & getting results that were almost there, i still knew something was missing from my final tracks. That’s when Tom S. Ray and hison line audio mastering turned up & immediately i heard the difference with just 1 re-master. Since then I’ve entrusted Tom with all the final mastering of my work, he knows exactly what to do! He is always willing to meet any specific sound requirements that you might have in mind & understands all genres of music from electronic to acoustic rock. Top-notch service & professional at all times! ”

razor kingz audio mastering edinburgh

Razor Kingz ( Hip Hop )

“When we had our EP mastered in Edinburgh by Tom S. Ray in October 2013 we were blown away by the resulting Sound. When we contacted Tom, we explained that we were working with a tight deadline, and that we needed it done on a specific date. Tom worked extremely hard to complete the task, even with his busy workload and time constraints.We would definitely recommend his services to any band or artist in need of professional standard audio mastering, for a very reasonable price”

Tom S. Ray Audio Mastering
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