Audio Mastering FAQ


1.What is audio mastering?

Audio mastering is a process of getting a FINAL MIX processed using various different audio processors to enhance, balance, fix a mix and get it ready for broadcasting using industry standards guidelines. Audio mastering focuses on stereo output of the mixed song.

2.How should I prepare my mix for mastering?

Your mix should be created in the same frequency your project has been mixed. If you have mixed in 48kHz or 96kHz, do not convert to 44.1kHz. Do not convert 44.1 kHz up to any higher resolution as it will only add zeros and won’t change audio quality. Provide files in either .wav or .aiff format. Make sure that at the highest peak the song does not hit 0dB and if it does, drop the level and bounce again. I would advise to leave anything between -12dB to -3dB of headroom.

3.Should I use any effects on master channel eg. normalize or peak limit prior to mastering?

Do not use any effects such as limiting, clipping, etc. on you stereo output track. Normalizing functions in audio workstations can actually degenerate the quality of your audio. If you feel you need to run a compressor on the mix buss but you’re unsure, bounce out two versions: with and without it. Listen with the compression switched in and out but compared at equal levels. It’s possible you may slam it too hard, or the attack or release may not be quite right. It’s very difficult to repair that kind of damage to your audio files.

4.Do you do stem audio mastering?

Some audio mastering facilities do mastering by utilizing a separation of basic elements of your mix. Since these elements must still be mixed together at some point, technically-speaking doing this kind of work is actually a post-production mixing process. When you order mastering services from Tom S. Ray Audio Mastering you’re ordering true mastering work, meaning work is done on the final stereo mixdown. That is what constitutes actual audio mastering work. Most of the time our clients have mixes that have been done well enough that mastering work is all they need to get fantastic sounding tracks.

5.Why should I choose the Tom S. Ray Audio Mastering over another mastering studio?

Tom S. Ray Audio Mastering is the only purely audio mastering studio in Edinburgh, UK. but there are a number of reasons to choose the Tom S. Ray Audio Mastering for your audio mastering. With years of experience on the highest-quality industry gear, I’ve mastered both the techniques and equipment in order to provide you with a superior service. Plus, you’ll pay a fraction of what you would at another mastering studio all while receiving exceptional service and attention to detail.

6.Will mastering help within the music industry?

Of course. Having your tracks properly mastered gives you massive advantage over the amateur artists not investing in the audio mastering process. Audio mastering will make sure your music is ready for international broadcasting as well as delivering outstanding experience to the audience.

7.How long does it takes to get my music mastered?

Delivery of the masters depends on the amount of songs and the work involved. 1 song takes usually 48 hours. 12 track album from 7 to 10 days.


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