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Tom S. Ray

I’m Tom, audio mastering engineer based in and operating out of Edinburgh, UK. I also offer artists the opportunity to master their work through my mastering online service. I’ve worked with many high-profile artists from around the globe including Madchild, Mr Complex, J. Sands, Declaime as well as established record labels such as Someothaship, Bukka Entertainment and others.
Since you are here I’m guessing you care about the quality of your music. Great, you are in the right place. Your songs will be mastered to the highest standards using distinguished mid/side technique with the end product ready for publishing, Spotify, Itunes, YouTube and other streaming services.
If you need help with your mix and are not sure how to approach editing vocals or other instruments, then please get in touch . Nothing makes me happier than contributing in creating great-sounding records; that’s why I’m here.

Feel free to contact me either via the contact page or the social media below.

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Tom S. Ray Audio Mastering
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