I’m Tom, audio mastering engineer based in and operating out of Edinburgh, UK. I also offer artists the opportunity to master their work through my mastering online service. I’ve worked with many high-profile artists from around the globe including Madchild, Mr Complex, J. Sands, Declaime as well as established record labels such as Someothaship, Bukka Entertainment and others.
Since you are here I’m guessing you care about the quality of your music. Great, you are in the right place. Your songs/tunes will be mastered to the highest standards using distinguished mid/side technique with the end product ready for publishing, Spotify, Itunes, YouTube and other streaming services.
If you need help with your mix and are not sure how to approach editing vocals or other instruments, then please get in touch . Nothing makes me happier than contributing in creating great-sounding records; that’s why I’m here. 

how does it work?


prepare your mix correctly

  • make sure your happy with mix balance
  • listen to your mix on many devices
  • invest in acoustic panels
  • do not put any effects on your master channel
  • keep overall volume to max -6dB

send your mix and instructions

  • use contact page for sending info
  • send download link via upload service
  • let me know what music inspire you
  • let me know if there is any problems with your mix
  • the more info you give me the better the outcome

sit back, relax and enjoy your masters

  • you’ll get your masters in 44/16,  48/24, mp3, DDP formats
  • all provided info codded in your songs
  • deep, big and crispy sound of your songs
  • all audio ready for braodcast (youtube,soundcloud, etc)

Get Your Quote

Message me with the details of your project and I will give you accurate and fair quote.

does it actually work?

” Tom is totally passionate and very knowledgeable about music, sound recording and mastering..”

” Tom S. Ray is very professional and persistent! I look forward to working with him in the near future”

” Tom worked extremely hard to complete the task, even with his busy workload and time constraints. “

” He is always willing to meet any specific sound requirements that you might have in mind..”

” Tom has been a pleasure to work with; good communication throughout..”

” He takes the time to listen, comprehend and produce the specific sound desired by a client..”

highest ratings possible

What you should expect after mastering?

  • increase in overall dynamics
  • correction in mix deficiencies
  • removal of unwanted noise
  • more focused low end
  • more crispy and airy high end
  • improved panorama spectrum
  • event out songs levels
  • well planned space between songs
  • musical fades between songs
  • more punch and depth
  • CD text input (artist,album,song)
  • ISRC (international standard recording code)
  • duplication ready delivery
  • songs meeting industry standards
  • music sounding great on every device

How much difference does it really makes ? Play samples and decide yourself..

recently mastered

mr complex audio mastering edinburgh
jackal trades audio mastering edinburgh
j-sands-ruff-drafts-audio mastering edinburgh

what i’m working on

strong tone ep
Edinburgh based mc with his 8th album
Curly Toes EP
London based punk rock band with their twisted tunes
mr complex lp
Hip hop legend, New York star with his latest LP

Is it important to know what you mastering engineer listen to? Whats his beloved grooves are? Damn right it is! You have to have a trust not only in skills but also in your engineer taste. Here is whats on my speakers :

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