I’m here not only to “finalize” your project but also to help you create great sounding record. I’ll point you in the right direction, give advice on the mix technique, suggest other approach which could result in even better final product. Communication is the key to get the best result , to make your music sound as good as never. You can call or email me with your query or tech problem or question and I will try to help you get the solution you need.


  • Increase in dynamics and overall level
  • Correction in mix deficiencies
  • Removal of unwanted noise and hum
  • More focused low end
  • More crispy and airy high end
  • Improved panorama spectrum
  • Event out songs levels
  • Well planned space between songs
  • Musical fades between songs
  • More punch and depth without compromising dynamics
  • CD-Text information (Artist,Title,Song Name)
  • ISRC input
  • Duplication ready delivery
  • Songs meeting industry standards
  • Music sounding great on every sound system

How much difference does it really makes ? Play samples and decide yourself..

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Design Your Project

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Start Ground Works

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Procced With The Upper Structure

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Get Your Quote

Message me with the details of your project and I will give you accurate and fair quote.